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JCB Mech

It seems that building huge robots is a tradition in 3D modelling, so this is my take. Unlike most modellers however, I have not built a giant war mech killing machine, but rather a piece of industrial plant equipment. Introducing the JCB mech, used for quarry work, ground clearance and heavy lifting.

This started more years ago than I care to think about when I had the idea for the hands. The hands were originally built in trueSpace, along with the legs (used in my 'JCB walk cycle' animation), but I shelved it when paid work intervened. I later rebuilt the hands, arms and legs in 3DS Max, but paused again. I have now finished the modelling and texturing, and have put it into a basic landscape.

This model is heavily influenced by the Macross Destroid Monster MWR-00-Mk II. Although having just looked at a picture of the Macross version, my version has deviated more than I thought.