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Bark Pulse

The first picture is of the FSS Vantage Search and Rescue ship leaving the Scatterlight Station.

Dean Arnett, a free lance TV producer working for the BBC, was in the early stages of making a science fiction film and I was asked if I would be interested in designing one of the space craft needed for the CGI sequences.

The brief was to produce a big and bulky "Rescue/ Salvage Tug", which would appear to be designed for a purpose rather than looks. It was to be animated and rendered using LightWave.

As I don't have LightWave, we experimented a bit and found a way of getting a model from trueSpace into LightWave. However textures were going to be a problem, so my brother was going to do that part.

Dean liked my first attempt, but felt it didn't look massive enough. I went through a number of changes before we finalised on the version

About a year after I finished I decided as an exercise to rebuild it in 3ds max. It went sufficiently well that I tried to get hold of the mesh for the Scatterlight Station to do the animation and rendering. It was at this point I found out the project have been shelved.

I then built my own design Scatterlight station and have been putting together my own version of the CGI sequence. However, work and other projects have intervened, so I have shelved the video sequence for the moment.