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LEGO Creator

LEGO Creator was the first product that Superscape developed for LEGO Media Interactive. The idea was to have every brick in the current 'Town' range of LEGO available in a 3D environment to allow children (of all ages) to build their own creations and then play with them.

This was in the days when 3D accelerated graphics cards were only just becoming available, so this game had to be able to run reasonably on an un-accelerated computer.

A lot of interaction and functionality was built in to make things fun. Hinges could be made to flap, cars could be driven or made to follow roads, anything could be blown up, you could even eat the pizza!

Most of the models, and all the bricks, were built by myself. Due to the way connections between bricks were made, I also build a number of ready assembled parts. There were in excess of 460 difference parts available, and most could be painted.