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Most of these projects date from my employment by Superscape VR and Drilling Systems (UK) Ltd. Earlier models were built using specialist software such as Superscape VRT and MultiGen-Paradigm Creator, but later work was realised using 3D Studio MAX.

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Note: The images on this site are copyright Simon Meacock.

Palma Royal Palaces
A number of environments produced for the Spanish tourist board to show some of the palaces that could be visited.

SEV Racer
Test model for a racing game being developed using Superscape VRT.

Felixstowe Docks crane simulator
This was a simulator for training crane operators of "ship to shore" and RTG cranes. This was a large environment with a lot of assets, most of which were also animated or interactive.

These models were produced for a simulator for training in the operation of a set of machines for mixing cement as a flow process, used as part of the construction of oil wells.

LEGO Creator
The first LEGO Creator game produced by Superscape VR, based to the "Town" range of LEGO sets.

LEGO Creator - Star Wars demo
Using the first LEGO Creator, this was a demonstration used in an unsuccessful bid to base the second LEGO Creator on Star Wars.

LEGO Creator - Knights Kingdom
The second LEGO Creator game produced by Superscape VR, based to the "Knights Kingdom" range of LEGO sets.

LEGO Creator - Harry Potter
The third LEGO Creator game produced by Superscape VR, based to the "Harry Potter" range of LEGO sets, which in turn were based on the first film.

Coiled tubing simulator
Some of the truck assets for a "coiled tubing" simulator badged for Sanjel Energy Services (and one for CalFrac Well Services).

DrillSIM Down hole tools
Some of the huge range of equipment that goes towards drilling an oil well.

DrillSIM Surface assets
Some drilling rigs and associated hardware.

Sub-sea Blowout Preventer for DrillSIM.