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Although my main interest is in 3d, currently using 3ds Max, most of what I do requires some 2d graphics work, for instance; editing photos and drawings to use within Max for reference, using photos to produce texture bitmaps, producing bitmap textures from scratch, and post production. For this reason I have become very familiar with Photoshop and have started painting boat profiles entirely within the program.
Here is a small selection of the ways I have been using photoshop in the last few years.

Photograph restoration
Edited scan of a very old print to remove a crease and some scratches.

Simulator asset in multiple liveries
An example of texture planning for multiple customers.

Photograph restoration
De-fading some 1st World War photographs.

Texture creation
Textures for a 3d simulator asset created entirely within Photoshop.

User interface
Iron Roughneck control panel

NCC Phoenix
Some lunchtime fun and games.

User interface
2d Drill simulator pages.