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Welcome to the portfolio of Simon Meacock, also known as Oddmags Graphics.
Here you will find a small selection of my 3D and 2D graphics work, produced both professionally and in my own time.

Yacht & Dinghy Profiles
Artist impressions of a number of classic and modern sailing vessels

Still Images
An eclectic collection of my high detail 3D modelling projects for static rendering.

3D Printing
A collection of 3D printing experiments, utilising a number of different printing techniques.

A collection of 3D, pre-rendered animations.

A collection of 3D assets for realtime rendering in games and simulators.

A few of the ways I make use of Photoshop.


Electric Violin
An Electric Violin made from fibreglass and Ebony.

Curriculum Vitae
Details of my career, education and qualifications.

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