Email from John Fenston - Former crew on Shireen

Dear Memsahib,

Re Shireen.

I had the inestimable joy and privilege of occasionally crewing for the late Hugh Simpson WS, the former owner of Shireen, back in the 1960s and '70s. In those days she did not have an engine, (apart from a very temperamental long-shanked Seagull outboard)

Looking at the recent photos of your own lovely ship, brought a lump to my throat, and happy recollections of some very special times on the Clyde.

I Googled Clyde 19/24, and was delighted to chance upon your tributary website. Thank you for doing it. If not for you, I would probably never have found anything about 19.24s or Shireen in particular. Thank you again.

I have recently come across one or two photos of Shireen and I have a small miniature model of her that I commissioned as a present for Hugh, and that was returned to me after his death.

With age and "down sizing" comes the practical admonitions of one's own memsahib to de-clutter one's life, and "move on". I find it very difficult to bring myself to throw away memorabilia which means something to me, but to nobody else, and am minded to donate my mementoes of "Shireen" to whoever is her present owner, or , failing finding him/her, to yourselves as "Guardians of the Flame".

To my amusement I noticed that "Memsahib" now resides here in the South, and I see is Bermudan rigged. Amusement, because Hugh could not get over how we, who sail on the Solent could manage to get around with soundings of less than 5 fathoms. and said things like:- "Of course, it's all right for you, John, only drawing 3'6", but nobody in their right mind would keep a Clyde 19/24 down here."

I have some amusing anecdotes about Shireen to pass on to her current owner/s, with the bits and pieces, so if you happen to know them. or know "a man who does" I would be most grateful, if you could let me know. Do you think the Scharbaums might have an email address? If you do not, I will try and 'phone the McGrouthers, and see if they can help as well. Funnily enough Hugh used to lay her up there in the winter too.

If you care to, I would be delighted to learn something of Memsahib's own history, and how she came to be so far from her native waters.

Once again, sincere thanks for creating the website, and I wish you fair winds, and calm seas for the coming season.

John Fenston

Salisbury Wilts.