Yacht clubs

Clyde Cruising Club

Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club

Royal Western Yacht Club

Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club

Clyde 19/24 Owners

The new Tringa, and makers of RC Model Fife yachts.

Windhover II (1900) on the Mylne "At Risk" register.

Boat yards

McGruer Boat Builders

Fairlie Restorations

Alexander Robertson and Sons Ltd (Yachtbuilders)

Other interesting boats

The Gareloch Goddesses

The Scottish Island Class

Mikado - Clyde 30 class


Classic Boat

Yachting Monthly


Bute Sons & Daughters

Boat designers

William Fife

G L Watson

Ace Marine (holders of the A Mylne & Co archive).

A Mylne & Co.

Original owners

Tullis Family Tree - photo gallery

J.K.Tullis - University of Glasgow Faculty of Art - Whistler correspondance

Wikipedia entries

William Fife

Alfred Mylne

Other links

The Fife Regatta

National Maritime Museum - Cornwall

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JTS Hoey - Awarded the Croix de Guerre during WWI