Photos from the book "The Records of the Clyde 19/24 Feet Class"

Pictures from yachting magazines

Photos of Memsahib

Quarter scale model of Tringa
Built by Gisela and Helmut Scharbaum

A new Clyde 19/24! - Construction
Tringa - Being built in Germany by Gisela and Helmut Scharbaum

Tringa sailing
A new Clyde 19/24, built by Gisela and Helmut Scharbaum

Photos of Trebor
Sent to us by a previous owner, Charles Hunter Pease

Photos of Windhover
(Originally called Sapphire)

Photos of Robina from about twenty years ago
Robina is currently being restored

Recent photos of Shireen

1950's photos of Shireen

Photos of Iyvinda
Previously "Recent photos of unidentified Clyde 19/24s"

Technical drawings
Lines plans and sail plans

Memsahibs interior

Paintings, models etc. of Clyde 19/24s

Pictures of related yachts